Château de VarillettesSituated one league from Saint-Flour, nestled in a green undulating landscape, Varillettes castle borders fields and woods, and appears to watch over the rolling hills of the Margeride. Dating from the fifteenth century and originally built as a keep, this manor is now witnessing a new age.
We have preserved the charm of its authenticity, restoring the minimalist and sober decor of its time.

This philosophy remains the guardian of the soul of the castle. A century ago, it was the country residence of the Bishop of Saint-Flour, and in the fourteenth century it had been the residence of the keeper of the royal seal, Hérail Pothier, Lord of Varillettes and descendant of the Consul of Saint-Flour.

The medieval garden, the jewel in the crown of the castle, is divided into six boxwood lined squares and includes a diverse range of herbs, medicinal and aromatic plants, with sage, hyssop, wormwood and rosemary amongst others.